Cycling GearWhen you are just getting into cycling, it can be difficult to know where to start. After you pick up your first bike, there are so many choices of cycling accessories. Of course, you need a helmet. That is the bare minimum. What activity nowadays does not require a helmet?

Do I need titanium rails on my saddle? Do I need carbon fiber soles for my shoes? I found this upgrade and it is made from ceramic. I couldn’t even tell you what part it replaces!

It is really easy to spend a couple hundred dollars to save a couple hundred grams on a bike. At the same time, most of us could lose a pound or two. To shave 900 grams of body weight will only cost you some sweat and hard work.

So what equipment will really make a difference on the bike? What do I actually need to get started with cycling?

There are a couple of pieces of gear that can make a huge difference getting started with cycling. Basically, your body comes into contact with the bike at three points on your body. They are your hands, your feet, and your butt. These are the three main sources of discomfort when getting used to being on a bike. I will talk about shoes and gloves in another post.

The number one piece of gear you need to buy first for cycling is a pair of cycling shorts.

Cycling shorts can make the biggest difference in your level of comfort. Cycling shorts have what is called a chamois. It is an anatomical layer of padding engineered into bike shorts. The longer you stay in the saddle, the more you are going to want the added layer of padding a good pair of cycling shorts provide for your rear.

Just like any other piece of clothing, there are so many choices when it comes to bike shorts. Here are 10 pairs of shorts that can help you get the most out of cycling.

Pearl Izumi Escape Quest Short

This is a great choice for your first pair of cycling shorts. They have an easy basic fit. And just enough padding to get you used to have something between you and the saddle. And they come in any color you want as long as it’s black.

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Canari Cyclewear Men’s Velo Gel Padded Bike Short

This is an entry level short. It has gel padding that is great for longer rides. It may take some getting used to. Good comfort for most rides.

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Sportneer Cycling Shorts Men’s 3D Padded Bicycle Bike Shorts Underwear

If you simply want bike padding without a complete short, this is your quick and dirty solution. Designed to be worn under any pair of shorts or pants, this breathable underwear will provide you some protection for shorter rides.

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Pearl Izumi Journey Short

Not everyone is comfortable wearing spandex. That comes with confidence in your abilities. Until then, baggy shorts are a great alternative. They have a removable liner with a chamois. They look great both on the bike and at the cafe.

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Craft Glow High Visibility Reflective Bib Bike Shorts

Many times we do not have much of a choice when we get to ride. Cycling in low light conditions can add another element of risk. These shorts with high visibility reflective panels make it easier for drivers to see you.

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Castelli 2017 Men’s Omloop Thermal Bib Cycling Short

Most bike shorts keep you comfortable on the warmest of summer days. But when the temperatures drop, having the added protection of a heavier weight short will keep you cozy and comfortable in almost any weather.

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Pearl Izumi Pro Escape Bib Shorts

As you begin to think about increasing the duration of your bike rides, you are going to look for additional comfort. These shorts are bibs. So they will never slide below your waistline. This allows you to avoid any embarrassing rear views. They also have a more advanced chamois that is designed for keeping you comfortable while riding long distances. A multi-panel design offers a more precise fit for every phase of your pedal stroke.

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Fox Racing MTB Short

These serious baggy shorts are meant for hitting the trail. Hard. Cross country, downhill, enduro. Its okay if you are not ready for 50 mph descents. These shorts can handle anything you throw at them.

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POC Fondo Bib Shorts

Internationally known for their helmets, POC delivers the same premium construction for their cycling clothing. Designed with a specially designed chamois for the longest rides and all-day comfort.

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Sportful Super Total Comfort Bib Shorts

Premium Italian design. Maximized chamois construction for all-day performance. Engineered lycra panel design that moves with your every pedal stroke.

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Bike shorts will make the biggest difference to your comfort by far. Shoes come next. Gloves are also an inexpensive investment. Choosing the right shorts will keep you more comfortable for more miles. And in most cases, leave you excited to get back in the saddle tomorrow.