How to Do What You Love.

This is so simple, but we have been brought up with a lie, or worse, we sold out for so little. Do what you love. Everyone’s knee jerk reaction to that is “There is no money in what I love to do” There is no money in cooking food, there is no money in my sport I have been practicing all my life, there is no money in art, there is no money in philosophy.

That may or may not be true, there is a lot more money on Wall Street than there is in the public school system, but I am not going to get into a discussion of our values as a society.
What I am going to talk about is what you do and how you do it. Take a look at your industry, take a look at your passion. Do you follow at least one person who does what you love to do? How does he/she make money from your passion?

I talked yesterday about setting high standards. I agree, there is no money in mediocrity. But if you do something that everyone else is doing, art for example, you do it better than anyone else, you set higher standards for yourself, you set higher standards for your customers, over time, money and success will be attracted to you.

do what you love

It is about me becoming a better person and attracting the kind of people and circumstances into my life that attract success. It becomes less and less about the bike, and becomes more and more about people, circumstances that are attracted to me. Who want to spend time with me, and will gladly spend money to spend time with me. How I empower people to change. How I help people make a lasting difference in their lives.