The first thing you should know about me is that I love ritual. Have a quick look at my morning routine.

There is a lot of tradition around road cycling. Some of it is cultural, like a double shot of espresso before you head out for your ride.

Others traditions are more personal. Like a post-ride refreshment. Some enjoy a protein smoothie. Others believe in juicing.

I love to continue to enjoy my time outside in an outdoor living space. Iced tea is a light and refreshing reward after a long afternoon in the saddle.

Iced tea is simple to prepare. All it takes is a little preparation and some time to cold brew a flavorful refreshment.

The best iced tea maker is very simple to use. Simply fill the stainless steel basket with your favorite loose tea. There are more and more specialty tea shops opening their doors like the idea of a good local coffee shop.

Then, fill the pitcher with filtered water. I like to cold brew my tea. So the day before my big ride, I prepare the tea to steep for at least 24 hours.

After my ride in the foothills around Boulder, I return hot and sweaty. And dehydrated. I stretch my legs with a big glass of water.

Now, it’s time to sit in my outdoor living space and enjoy a glass of cold brewed iced tea. I prefer mine unsweetened. So I can really taste the different nuances of the tea. Instead of getting a mouth full of corn syrup in a canned soft drink.

I get to breathe in those same trees and grasses I took in on my ride. And the cold iced tea is the perfect compliment to the peace I feel when I accomplish an intense bike climb.

Give this iced tea maker a try. You can even use it to cold brew your favorite coffee. And create a new tradition for to cap off your cycling adventure.