I just got the September 2015 issue of Bicycling magazine. It features a 17 page spread on cycling, the internet, and social media. What better time to launch my first blog. About cycling.

The story features world class racers, accomplished writers, people who’s job is PR – in the bicycle industry. I am none of these things. All I am is a man who works in the restaurant industry, and even after just a few hours of sleep, loves to get up in the morning and go for a ride. Then I love to come home and cook my family something delicious and nutritious for a post ride meal.

I live in one of those iconic, endurance athlete towns, Boulder, Colorado. Some of the best road and mountain biking anywhere. With a bike culture that is second to none. And scenery to last you a lifetime.

The Flatirons

My morning rides have been short. They only last about 35 minutes. I have to get back and help get my wife off to work and the kids ready for the spoils of summer. My ride gives me a little “me” time before I am beholden to the day. And most importantly, it keeps me healthy in every way.

The usual loop is a great mix of a good warm up, undulating flats, and hills. It is also a great barometer of my current level of fitness. Not enough sleep – the hills will be tough. Poor eating (my weakness is sugar) – the flats will feel sluggish. A few, two, three too many bourbons – the warm up will be the entire ride.

If I have the night off from the restaurant, I will cook dinner for my family. While I have been a personal trainer and a chef in my former careers, I still get inspiration from the web and from cookbooks. My current obsession is “The Feed Zone Cookbook” My latest post ride meal was a success. What I mean by success is that everybody ate what was on their plate in a reasonable amount of time with very little coaching (Please stop talking and start eating. Please sit down and keep eating. I told you if you drank your milk too quickly, your tummy would be too full and you won’t be able to finish your dinner. Please stop talking and finish your dinner.) What’s it like in your household?

I made the Pasta Salad with Walnuts and Blue Cheese found on page 154. I added a whole grilled chicken to the meal for some more protein. Like any recipe, I had to make it my own. We have rarely had the same meal twice in our house. I took naturally raised whole chicken and cut out the spine so I could lay it flat on the grill to cook faster. Coated it with olive oil and fresh oregano and basil and cooked it over medium heat for about 30 minutes. I followed the recipe, except we did not have fettuccine in the pantry, we only had spaghetti. I added basil and garlic to the parsley for a little more flavor. While I have not cooked with too much Blue Cheese, I know I love a good gorgonzola picante. It’s all about the flavors you like.

Half Grilled Chicken

The next day I got the kids out of the house with grandma and I was able to ride for over two hours. Two hours. And I felt great. My hope is to inspire you to get out, turn over those pedals, and enjoy the scenery. Come home, and have fun cooking delicious and nutritious food with those you love.