Can’t Find Time To Ride?

Finding Time To Cycle

A few days ago, I posted this video on YouTube in my #30DaySpeakingChallenge because so many people can’t find time to ride.

I know. Established guys like us have real jobs, families to support, and mortgages to pay. Our lives are busy and full.

This video shows you how little it takes to make time for your cycling and fitness plan. It all depends on your priorities.

bicycle saddle sore

Bicycle Saddle Sore Sensation: The Cure

5 Ways to Avoid that Bicycle Saddle Sore Feeling – Get Out And Ride!

How you can get rid of that bicycle saddle sore feeling with five easy steps

I get it. Cycling can be a pain in the butt. Literally.

A professional tour rider can race in their saddle for over a hundred miles a day for three weeks straight. And you are just trying to make it through a single 10 mile ride without tears of pain. Can I tell you about the time I first rode 60 miles to Carter Lake on beautiful Boulder County roads? Brutal!

I know it does not help you when I say that riders get used to a certain level of saddle discomfort. That does not get you excited for another grueling ride. You need solutions now so you can get back on the bike. Ride longer doesn’t help you when all your butt wants to do is quit.

So here are five helpful beginner cycling tips to keep you more comfortable in your seat and get rid of that bicycle saddle sore sensation.

When will you ride me again?

When will you ride me again?