Check list for early morning bike ride

Early Morning Bike Ride Checklist

Check list for early morning bike rideI love my morning practice!

Every day, I wake up early and I take on an empowering morning routine. I meditate, go for a short early morning bike ride, make some french press coffee, and then write.

I first heard of a morning practice from a social media influencer. As I researched this phenomenon, I soon realized that many of the most successful people engage in a morning practice.

I first started by waking up a few minutes early to write. I wrote down 10 ideas every day. Coffee quickly came into the picture. I went back to my favorite method of coffee brewing, french press.

I came across a 30-day biking challenge online. Instead of hoping to bike after work, I made the 30-day biking challenge a part of my morning routine. From there, I was hooked.

Indoor Bike Trainer

How To Choose An Indoor Bike Trainer Winter 2018

Indoor Bike TrainerIn 2011 I began my weight loss journey by getting back on my bike. I set up an indoor bike trainer in the garage and just began to ride. I rode every day for 30 days. My first 30-day challenge. I did not notice a difference in the mirror nor did I see a difference on the scale. What I did do was create a new habit.

5 years later, I began my morning routine. In my research, I found that some of the most successful people on the planet all had a morning routine. I already began by getting up early to write down 10 ideas. In April 2016 I decided to participate in the 30-Day Bike Challenge. I thought about trying (with the emphasis on “trying”) to ride my bike after work. I would have plenty of sunlight when I got home to ride. I quickly recognized that I did not always have control over my afternoons.

I decided to wake up a little earlier and ride in the morning. I hopped on my cruiser bike and rode for about 5 miles. What started as a 30-day challenge became part of my morning routine. I now call it my Morning Bike Grind.

Cycling Gear

What Cycling Equipment Do I Actually Need?

Cycling GearWhen you are just getting into cycling, it can be difficult to know where to start. After you pick up your first bike, there are so many choices of cycling accessories. Of course, you need a helmet. That is the bare minimum. What activity nowadays does not require a helmet?

Do I need titanium rails on my saddle? Do I need carbon fiber soles for my shoes? I found this upgrade and it is made from ceramic. I couldn’t even tell you what part it replaces!

Top 3 Reasons Why Meditation for Cyclists Makes Sense

Meditation For Cyclists Is Powerful

I have been utilizing a morning practice for over a year now. When I first started my morning routine, I simply started with french press coffee and writing. I got the idea from James Altucher. (He got the idea from Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich) So what made me think mediation for cyclists made sense?

After reading Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning, I began to practice all of his principles which he refers to as SAVERS. I have settled into my own routine that now includes that french press coffee, cycling, writing, and meditation. I begin with meditation every morning and it is one of the reasons I wake up with a smile every day.

How to Do What You Love

How to Do What You Love.

This is so simple, but we have been brought up with a lie, or worse, we sold out for so little. Do what you love. Everyone’s knee jerk reaction to that is “There is no money in what I love to do” There is no money in cooking food, there is no money in my sport I have been practicing all my life, there is no money in art, there is no money in philosophy.