Boulder Bike & Brew Festival

I got to go for a ride today and decided to end it at the Boulder Bikes & Brews Festival. I dreamed of guiding a peloton of riders around my favorite route through North Boulder and Niwot. As the afternoon came upon me, I found I was once again riding alone. A blistering, hot, Colorado

The Drop

Woke up this morning a little tired as the alarm sounded off. I broke one of my rules and checked that alert from my bank. Got to get up and out of bed so I can enjoy my ride, or it will never happen. I’m not sure if you are a morning person or a

Ironman Boulder 2015

I love to ride most every chance I get. And rides can become habit forming. Every now and again, I will get the opportunity to go out on a completely new ride. Explore. Not sure how many miles it will be or how long it will take.  This pure sense of freedom is what draws


I just got the September 2015 issue of Bicycling magazine. It features a 17 page spread on cycling, the internet, and social media. What better time to launch my first blog. About cycling. The story features world class racers, accomplished writers, people who’s job is PR – in the bicycle industry. I am none of