Finding Time to Ride

When the Weather Takes a Turn for the Worse

Nothing chills you to the bone more than 40 degree rain. Days like these are the ones that challenge your commitment to the lifestyle. Early mornings are difficult. Flat tire? How am I ever going to get out the door? But rain, almost by definition, requires you to pull up the covers and distract yourself with anything else, indoors.

The biggest obstacle to four season riding is the proper gear. If you get cold out on the ride, it makes for a miserable hour or three, or a very short loop.

I’m going to focus on probably the most overlooked and important pieces of gear, booties. It can be overwhelmingly painful to turn over each pedal stroke when your feet are cold.You literally count each stroke until you are back home. And then there is the pain of the thaw.

Beginner’s Bicycle Ride to Jamestown

While I missed riding with my clients today, I got to cycle on one of my most iconic Boulder rides today, Jamestown.     Roundtrip was more than 45 miles. And I did not get there overnight. While the ride up Lefthand Canyon is relatively easy, there is always something that makes the ride that much more difficult. 

bicycle saddle sore

My Practice

This  has been an incredible week. It started off really bad, a topic for another post. I came to two important realizations this week. I feel like I am finally contributing and helping others.I reached a personal goal of getting down to my ideal weight. This was my first realization of the week. Men my