How to Do What You Love

How to Do What You Love.

This is so simple, but we have been brought up with a lie, or worse, we sold out for so little. Do what you love. Everyone’s knee jerk reaction to that is “There is no money in what I love to do” There is no money in cooking food, there is no money in my sport I have been practicing all my life, there is no money in art, there is no money in philosophy.

Can’t Find Time To Ride?

Finding Time To Cycle

A few days ago, I posted this video on YouTube in my #30DaySpeakingChallenge because so many people can’t find time to ride.

I know. Established guys like us have real jobs, families to support, and mortgages to pay. Our lives are busy and full.

This video shows you how little it takes to make time for your cycling and fitness plan. It all depends on your priorities.

In Plain Sight. Athletes of Color in Predominantly White Sports

11 Cyclists Share Their Favorite Bicycle Shoe and Pedal Combination

Bike Gear: Favorite Bicycle Shoe and Pedal Combination

What bicycle shoe and pedal combination are you riding on today?


RdeOnPedal shoeEvery cyclist loves to talk about their favorite ride. What was the last ride you went on? Oh, I don’t get out to ride as much as I would like. Then brag about the 10,000 feet they climbed last Tuesday or they only got in 400 miles last week. We love to talk about our rides.