7 Ways To Stay Warm While CyclingThe snow was really not that bad. Honestly, it was just a little wet. It had been snowing for most of the night. The day before I was riding in my shirt sleeves.

It’s funny how quickly the weather can change from blue skies one afternoon, to driving snow the next morning. 32 degrees. At 5 AM.

The first snow of the season. And I am out on my bike. You can call me “dedicated.” My secret is that I am prepared.

I understand that most people put away their bikes once the leaves begin to change. Chilly temperatures can give way to a miserable experience on the bike.

A few key pieces of gear can keep you comfortable no matter what the weather throws at you.

Here are the 7 pieces of winter cycling clothing that will allow you to stay warm while cycling and ride all year long.

Thermal Shorts

Pearl Izumi – Ride Men’s Pro Thermal Bib Shorts

Most cycling bibs are designed to keep you cool. Thermal bib shorts have a fleece lining that keeps your legs warm no matter how cold it may be. This one piece is so versatile, you can wear them from October to May.

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Long sleeve Jersey

Pearl iZUMi Select Thermal Jersey

Long sleeve jerseys come in a variety of weights using all kinds of materials. Layer it over your summer weight jersey for added benefit.

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Knee Warmers

Gore Bike Wear Universal Thermo Knee Warmers

When the temperature drops below 65, cold knees can make you feel stiff and fatigued. Knee warmers fill that gap between cool and cold temperatures. They provide an additional layer of warmth on your upper legs while protecting your knees from the cold.

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Leg Warmers

Gore Bike Wear Universal Soft Shell Leg Warmer

I prefer leg warmers over tights. They provide that additional thermal layer of protection under your thermal bib shorts. Plus, they protect your entire legs from the wind and the snow.

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Winter Gloves

Craft Siberian Split Finger Wind & Waterproof Bike Gloves

You don’t need too much dexterity while riding your bike. Split finger or “lobster” mitts are very popular among cyclists because they keep your fingers warmer than traditional gloves (which I also recommend) so they can keep your hands comfortable on even the coldest of days.

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Winter Jacket

Louis Garneau Men’s Enerblock 2 Jacket

Your winter jacket is one of your core pieces of gear. Not only does it keep out the wet and the cold, it can also help you regulate your temperature as conditions change. These jackets are not the same parkas you wear on the sidelines. These jackets are meant to move with you.

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Shoe Covers

Castelli Ultra Shoecover

I have used these shoe covers for the past few years. Most bike shoes are designed to keep your feet cool on the hottest days. So when the snow starts to fly, you need a balance between breathability and weather protection. My feet get cold first. These booties always keep my feet warm no matter the weather.

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Bonus! Try this once and you will never go on another bike ride without it!


Mad Alchemy Gentleman’s Blend Warming Embrocation

Rub this lotion on your legs before you ride in the cold. It feels great! It naturally warms the skin. And it remains warm till you wash it off. It reminds you of autumn leaves and cyclocross. And will be there when you create new memories.

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