New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday. It has certainly changed for me over the years.

I love how people create these unreasonable New Year’s Eve resolutions of themselves even though most of the gyms are empty again by January 15th. And that is okay. I think of all of the people who come up with a definite plan to achieve their goals. The ones who decide to make a change in their day so they may take on a new direction in life.
I don’t know, maybe one of your goals is to drink a little less this year so you will not be so distracted from what it is that you want to do. Maybe it is to cut down on binge eating or binge-watching television.

Cutting down on drinking definitely takes a strategy. Willpower will not be the long-term answer. It takes a plan. So here are 5 activities you can do instead of drinking to end 2017 with the fun New Year’s Eve always brings, and start 2018 with hope for the future.


Ride your bike on the indoor trainer. Of course on New Year’s Eve, I’m sure that it is cold out and there is probably snow on the ground. Or maybe not at all (I’m saying hello to all of my friends down in Australia and New Zealand.) Watch a movie on the little screen. Grab a special hydration mix in your water bottle, and bathe in your new habit. That is how I got started losing over 40 pounds as a guy in his mid-forties. Its fun and it is a new way of looking at your evening activity.


Take a friend to coffee or tea. Tell them how much you have appreciated the ways they have contributed to your life. It will be uplifting for you and empowering for them.
three. Make a non-alcoholic cocktail. I like to grate fresh ginger and squeeze fresh lemon juice over ice. Add sparkling water and enjoy with a delicious goat cheese like Humboldt Fog. A great new New Year’s Eve tradition.
Skiing on New Year's Eve


Get up and go snow skiing. I love carving corduroy first thing in the morning. Spending New Year’s Eve on the snow is so much fun. Or, many ski areas have lights so you can ring in the new year with some night skiing.


Write. It may not sound too exciting, but writing down what you have accomplished over the past year can give you a great perspective for where you have been and give you a better sense of where you want to go. New Year’s Eve is a great day to plan for the next year.
What goals do you have for 2018? How do you want your life to change? Connect with me at and let’s come up with a plan to stop letting the distractions distract you and to live your purpose.