#30DaySpeakingChallenge:  What small change can you make in your day?

Back in April, I participated in the #30DaysofBiking challenge. It literally changed my life. It was the first time I had ever started a challenge and completed it from start to finish. Every morning, I wake up at 4:45 and drink 16z of water. Then I get dressed and go for a 5 mile bike ride that takes me about 20 minutes. I then sit and write for 30 minutes before I get ready for work. I call it my morning practice.

I’m really excited to continue to develop my gift of public speaking and get booked to speak on a more regular basis. My speaking has been well received thus far, and I want to help more people, I want to do more. This is why I decided to begin my #30DaySpeakingChallenge.

This video shows how I plan to provide you with more valuable content everyday for the next 30 days. Introducing the #30DaySpeakingChallenge!


Stay tuned for more great content as I share how I lost over 40 pounds riding my bike and changing my habits. I have ideas for great rides, delicious recipes, cycling gear to help your ride.  After viewing the video, please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel to be sure you are notified every time I post a new short video. I’m looking forward to growing this community of riders and creating more value for all of us.


Let me know in the comments below about what is important to you. What topics do you have questions about? Where do you want to improve? Just shout it out and I will create a video for you. One of the many benefits of my #30DaySpeakingChallenge.

In the meantime, stretch out towards your goals, enjoy your weekend, and let’s get out and ride.