Today is the 25th day in a row that I have been on my bike. 31 will be my all time record. While I am excited about that, it is not the point.

What I am really excited about is that I am helping people. Today I took two of my clients out on a bike ride. It was a beautiful day out in East Boulder County. Could not asked for better weather. As we rose with every crest of a hill, we were met with a gentle breeze that remind us of our mortality. The difference between yourself and Taylor Phinney can be ever so slight on your best day. Noticed a few things with my clients as we tackled the hills of the East. 
Either I am not staying hydrated enough (though my Taylor Scale says I am at 60% hydration, post ride) or my clients need a lot more water than me. I’m thinking the later. We probably do not need an expresso break, but we definitely need a hydration break.
East Boulder County is relatively flat compared to the Foothills. That is not to say that it is as flat as Kansas.Especially towards the end of the ride, I need to pay attention to the final hills to ensure everyone’s success on the day.
The last thing is conversation. I love cycling because you can think about everything or you can think about nothing. The rhythm of the road can be rather zen like. Group rides are therapy sessions. What is said out on the road, stays out on the road. And those easy climbs are perfect opportunities for talking out ideas and sharing dreams, or otherwise being crazy. There is no judgement out on the road. All you are left with is the satisfaction of a ride complete and the company you keep. That means a lot in our busy lives. I’m looking forward to reaching out to more of you and share my story of your success. Get out and ride…