I always dreamed that one day I would win the lottery. Millions of dollars in a cash prize just falling into my lap. All of my worries would wash away by cashing in that ticket.

No more bills. Fill my days with epic bike rides and great skiing while my nights would be filled with good food, wine, and great friends & family.

Of course I would be smart with my new found cash. I would not become one of those cautionary tales. Seek out a tax attorney, invest conservatively so I could live off the interest for the rest of my days. I’m sure that is what they all say.

Like that famous athlete who signs that big multi-year contract. They get to do what they love for millions of dollars. Their dedication and hard work paid in one lump sum. That is the dream. And don’t we all want to be living he dream?

Then why does that famous athlete loose all his money in bad investments and child support payments? And why do so many lottery winners end up filing for bankruptcy a few years after striking it rich?

Believing in myself

The frozen lake in contrast to a Sunny day

I’ll remind you of two sayings.

Thomas Tusser once said, “A fool and his money are soon parted.” That will not be me. I will do it differently. Most people never consider themselves to be fools.

P.T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” So we are all destined to be fools.

Even if luck graces us once, that is no guarantee it is here to stay. Fickle fate. What if you could create your own luck?

A friend of mine, J$ posed a question to his readers. Would you go to jail for a year for a million dollars? You get to keep all the money, no tax implications. Jail would be minimum security, but it is still prison. Would you do it?

Let me bring this back to cycling and your health. Would you take a pill such that, through no effort, you were able to attain your health goals? You take a pill and the next week, and Boom! you are at your target weight or body fat percentage. You take the pill and you reach your VO2 max or target max watts.

Could you keep the weight off? Could you maintain your levels of fitness? Would that fulfill you?

My challenge to you is to believe in yourself. Leave that fear behind and take a chance on yourself. To fail, and, through that failure, teach yourself how to succeed.

I once got a fortune cookie that stated, “You have already won the lottery.” The message says to me that we need to believe in ourselves. Our accomplishments do not come from outside of us, they come from within. They are not made from what is handed to us, they are forged from what we create.

Believing in the lottery is not going to make your dreams come true. Our dreams are not something that happen to us. Our dreams are at the very core of who we are.

I’ll use my fitness goals as an example. Do you know how I lost over 40 pounds? By getting up early and getting on my bike. By staying up late and riding indoors whenever I got a few minutes to myself. By taking a hard look at my diet and making deliberate change. By believing in myself that I could lose 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 20 pounds, 40 pounds.

No one could do it for me. I did not know of a legal or safe way to take a pill to get to my goal weight. (Though meth is known to keep you slim, again not legal or safe) It is my weight loss. No one could possibly lose weight for me so no one could possibly take that away from me.

Sure, I sometimes gain an extra 10 pounds. I fall of the wagon, I do not ride my bike as much as I want. I randomly pick up a bad eating habit. Life happens.

Since I have attained my goal once, I know I can do it again. I have my moments of disbelief. It is always a true test of my constitution to turn the ship around and move in the right direction. I create my own luck.

Do you sit there and wish that you could change your life or would you rather be in action? Because, being in action, that is where the magic happens. It happens along the journey. You really learn something about yourself when you reach the top of a climb, when you sprint as fast as you can. You learn something about yourself when you set a goal to lose 10 pounds and realize that accomplishment.

This is what gives our lives meaning. Living our purpose. Living our dreams.

So what are your goals? What do you want to accomplish? What would give your life meaning. Hit me up in the comments and share your dreams with me. Just by saying it out loud, you can create anything you want.

What kind of cyclist do you want to be? What kind of athlete do you want to be? What would give your fitness goals meaning. What meaning do you want to give your cycling?


P.S. I will let you in on a little secret. There is no finish line. The end goal is never enough. It is how you get there that holds all of the excitement. That excitement is what gets us up out of bed in the morning. It is our reason for living. It is our purpose.