How can I best serve your audience?

I serve your audience by sharing my story of alcohol recovery. Yet my story is not just another cautionary tale.

My message is one of empowerment and purpose. Allowing your audience to feel embraced, engaged, and entertained.

Many talks about sobriety can be sobering. Repenting the sins of the past. Other sobriety talks can give your audience tricks and tools to deal with the present.

What I create for your audience is a transformation. Positivity and motivation feel good right now. But what will your audience say about your event tomorrow? I let your audience fall in love with their future.

I challenge your audience to think. I ask them what they want. I allow them to paint a bright and vivid picture of their future. And give them permission to go after it.

Because after the high of the event fades, they will still be left with a choice. They will know they can slip back into their old life. Their old life before your event. Or they can charge forward into a life they discovered at your event.

Let me create a transformational talk that your audience will always remember.