For many people, the holidays are a special time to create traditions and memories. There is nothing more important than savoring this time with family and friends. And living in Colorado gives me the opportunity to ride my bike every day of the year, almost.

While you can expect 60 degree days throughout the winter, you also need to expect snow here in the Rocky Mountains, too.


Today’s holiday ride was relegated to the indoor trainer. No foothills or Fourteeners in my gaze. No sun or headwind in my face on this ride. Just a sufferfest of an indoor workout to keep me fresh.

For me, I get to use my imagination a lot while riding indoors. I also have the distraction of music or a show, even a podcast to distract me on the trainer. It’s a different experience for me indoors though I am essentially completing the same tasks.Using my muscles in a very sport-specific pattern, elevating my heart rate, and producing a lot of sweat.

Whether your goals are to lose weight or to build muscle on the bike, days like these will challenge your resolve. Maybe you have the mental endurance for a two-hour ride indoors. I know I only have enough for sixty minutes – tops, no matter how matter how “can’t miss” my Netflix queue.

These indoor rides can be your tool to get you through to your next outdoor ride. That day or two on the trainer can leave me feeling energized and refreshed when I am finally able to get back out on the open road.

How do you enjoy your holidays? Is exercise a part of your holiday traditions? I’m excited for certain retailers to suggest getting out and enjoying nature on the day after Thanksgiving. The National Parks have free parking fees on that Friday. So what’s it going to be? The battle to see who can buy the most toys that day? Or a chance to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family? I’m choosing a bike ride. Come join me…