We all have our story of how we first fell in love with cycling. Invariably, all of us have been riding bikes for as long as we can remember.

For some, we never stopped riding. Riding around the neighborhood turned into bmx or mountain biking.

For others, we grew up and started driving cars. And we all but forgotten how to ride.

So I asked these experienced bloggers two questions.
What first got you into cycling, and,
Why do you ride bikes today.

Here’s what they said.


Arleigh Jenkins from Bike Shop Girl Arleigh



My mother encouraged me to get out and ride my bike as much as possible starting around the time I was 10. She continued to encourage me through out high school and college.


Over the past 15+ years cycling has become engrained in my lifestyle. It provides me happiness, stress relief, and freedom from the everyday.


BodizarBodizar Spirovski from Fit Citizen



Started to lose weight, because i couldn’t reduce any more weight just dieting

I got the bug. I get stressed out if don’t spend an hour on the bike or running nearly every day


DarrylDarryl Kotyk from Loving the Bike



I have always ridden a bike and had always just used it as a means for transportation, fitness and enjoyment. I got into road cycling because when I was living in St. Kitts, my best friend was doing it. He got me interested and soon after I got my first road bike. That was when my real love for cycling began.

I am loving the bike because it provides me with a means to keeping my body in good physical condition while enjoying every single minute of it. I love it because of the solitude and meditative state that is brings me to every time I’m on it. I love the connection it gives our family when out on a ride together. I love the craftsmanship and beauty of the design. I love the camaraderie and brotherhood among riders. I love the speed and knowing that I am moving myself solely by my own power. I love the fact that there is no better means of environmentally friendly transportation than the bike. I am simply loving the bike.


LaurenLauren Goss from Lauren Goss



I first got into cycling because I started doing spinning classes. I wanted to stay in shape when I first went to college so I took up spinning. I really loved it so much and I decided to get a bike and try out triathlon. I was a swimmer growing up so triathlon was a no brainer.

I ride bikes now because I love seeing new places on two wheels. Also, triathlon is now my career so I ride for a living. It is easy to get on the bike and head out for a 3 hour ride because I simply love staying healthy and it is also my job. Cycling is also great because it is not as hard on the body and causes less injuries.



Gerald at Gerald Rhodes Institute



So I started cycling again to lose weight. When I turned 30, I stopped competing and ultimately stopped exercising regularly. 12 short years later, I had enough. I decided to get back on my bike. I finally got back to my race weight of my early twenties.

Today I ride to stay healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually. When I am on my bike, I am powerful, graceful, and inspirational. And I transfer those gifts to my family life and professional life. Riding allows me to be a better husband and a better father and connects me with what is most important to me.

We all ride for different reasons. What we all have in common is a love for cycling for all of the stress it melts away from our lives. It is a lifestyle that we all share, and we all define differently.

And I guarantee you that when you say, “Let’s go for a ride,” the biggest smile will come across each one of our faces.