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Getting excited about cycling can be contagious! We all know how great it is to get out and ride bikes. And we want more people to enjoy that same feeling.

We all know cycling is a great sport. It is great for our bodies and great for the environment. There are so many people and so many organizations dedicated to just that. And we want more.

We want more people out enjoying bikes. We want more people having fun with their families. We want more people commuting. We want more people enjoying nature and our Park System.

That is why I reached out to 16 cycling influencers and enthusiasts and ask them one key question:

What is your best tip to get non-cyclists excited about bike riding?

Gerald Rhodes

One of my favorite bike rides in Boulder County

Gerald Rhodes

~ Gerald is a public speaker and fitness coach. He loves to work with motivated people to make small change in their day so they may take on a new direction in life. When Gerald is not speaking or coaching, he can be found cooking delicious and nutritious meals for his family. 

How I get people excited about cycling is to get them on their bike everyday. When my clients are just starting out or getting back on the bike, I ask that they start slow and easy. Many of us do not have the time or the endurance to ride for 3-4 hours a day. That’s not the point.

Even riding for 10 minutes a day makes a difference. I started riding 20 minutes a day on my indoor trainer. Even getting a quick spin on the exercise bike is better than zero minutes.

You go from being that guy who sits on the couch watching reality TV exercise shows, to someone who is in action and takes care of their body. It’s about developing a habit. That habit will keep you focused and make you feel really good in a short amount of time.

And that habit will help you achieve your long-term health & fitness goals.

Create an experience so fun and powerful, you will want to do it everyday. Click To Tweet


Heike PirngruberHeike Pirngruber

~ Heike, German, is a solo female world cyclist. She left home in May 2013 to enjoy life !

Me, as a touring cyclist, pedaling the world solo, I often feel so happy and privileged that a lot of people approach me on the road and are wanting to know more about the smiling lady who is coming from far away on a loaded touring bike.

Once I tell them that I have been cycling for the last three years and that all my gear is packed in my six bags that are attached to the racks of my MTB, people often become curious about my life on the road.

People think I must be really rich to be able to afford the luxury of not working for such a long time. But once I explain to them that cycle touring is far more affordable than travelling by any other transport system, people’s ears and eyes begin to open and they get excited and want to know more about cycle touring.

After a short while of chatting, people realize that traveling on a bike is a healthy and happy way to travel, just simply by seeing the world at a slower pace and therefore in a more intense way. I tell them there is more freedom than you could possibly dream of when you stay home. Click To Tweet

I received quite a few e-mails within the course of my trip from strangers I met on the road or who had read my blog and wanted to thank me for the inspiration and told me that they are ready to roll on the road in a few days.

So simply playing a role model is the best advice I can give to convince others to jump on a bike and pedal off into the sunset.



~ Sheila around-the-world cyclist, sustainable living advocate, activist, volunteer, artist, network/computer technician, website designer and a TESOL instructor.

“Start small & have fun! First and foremost, create a positive association with bicycling.”

For example, pack a picnic, then take a nice, leisurely ride from your home to the nearest park or body of water – either by yourself, with a friend or your family. Take time to enjoy the scenery, the conversation, the picnic.

Then pack up and ride home. Try using the Start small & have fun! First and foremost, create a positive association with bicycling.”

For example, pack a picnic, then take a nice, leisurely ride from your home to the nearest park or body of water – either by yourself, with a friend or your family. Take time to enjoy the scenery, the conversation, the picnic.

Then pack up and ride home.  Try using the bicycle as a fun way to get to places, to have fun. Click To TweetThis is the best way to begin to enjoy bicycling. As a fun way to get to places, to have fun. This is the best way to begin to enjoy bicycling.


Tyler BenedictTyler Benedict 

~ Tyler is an avid cyclist and the founder of (part of BikeBoardMedia, Inc.) is the world’s largest cycling tech blog. His focus is on featuring the latest, greatest bikes, components, and technology. 


Offer to ride them somewhere fun, whether that’s for ice cream, burritos or a beer.

That works to get my family and friends out for a ride!

I also have a couple extra mountain bikes that I let friends borrow. Click To Tweet

Once I get them out on the trail, they tend to get hooked on the sport.


Jack SweeneyJack Sweeney 

~ Jack is a reference librarian that commutes because he loves to ride his bike. His one of the main writers at

My best tip is to take a cycling newcomer on a gentle tour of the city in which they live – on a bike, one tends to notice things that they would otherwise miss when confined to a speeding car.

Hidden gardens, quiet streets with little or no traffic, interesting buildings, new restaurants or bars to explore.

Riding a bike in your city opens your eyes to new possibilities and adventures. Click To Tweet


LeonardoLeonardo Corradini

~ Leonardo is an Italian blogger, passioned of cycling. He travels on his bike alongside his girlfriend, Vero.

If you never rode a bike but you are curious about it, just start slowly. Take a bike, plan a flat and easy ride, wait for a good and sunny day, find the right fellowship and get out for a few hours.

Stop whenever you want, visit highlights on your way and maybe find a lake or (even better) a nice beach on the see to take a bath at the end of your ride.

I'm quite sure you'll fell in love with bicycle riding immediately. Click To TweetAfter that, you’ll get again on your bike as soon as you can!


Jeff StacyJeff Stacy

~ Jeff is the founder of Bike Tourings, that can be considered a metaphor on the musings of bicycling variety. He shares ideas and knowledge regarding bike travel particularly as it relates to bicycle touring, commuting, camping and mountain bike trekking.

I am a person who rides a bike rather than identifying myself as a “cyclist”.  As the term cyclist tends to conjure ideas of superficial spandex clad extremism pushing lactate thresholds and painstakingly being forced through painful workouts.

One of my favorite quotes is “there are far more people using bikes now than fit into the types we associate with bike culture”, ironically that quote is from The Invisible Cyclist. As a person who rides different bikes for different reasons all of which consist of being economically practical, fun and include several health benefits as an added bonus.

Folks who are considering riding or purchasing a bicycle for the first time are most often interested in bike commuting as a way of getting some exercise into their busy day to day schedules which often don’t allow time for going to the gym.

All sorts of folks are taking up bike commuting even if it’s just to add a bit of joy and stress relief which is perhaps why there are so many different folks riding varying types of bikes for their day to day personal fulfillment.

Define what type of bike makes the most sense to you for your personal needs. Click To TweetAfter that you can discuss it with your most reputable local bike shop and then get the bike for you.  You’ll be glad you did.


Casey MillerCasey Miller

~ Casey teaches people how to have a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition on his blog, The Best of Fitness.

Ridding or purchasing a quality bike

The quality of your bike will make all the difference in the world.It can take you from a non-cyclists to really enjoying your rides.

I know you’re thinking, I cannot spend 1000.00 plus dollars on a bike that I don’t even know if I will enjoy but once you start riding, you will notice a huge difference and it just makes it fun.

Now, just find a group of people to tag along with and you’re all set.  You can rent bikes or demo them first before you purchase them. Click To Tweet

This actually happened to me. When I moved to Colorado, I already liked to mountain bike but it was getting discouraging as I couldn’t keep up and ride half of the trials. I then decided to get a high quality used bike and now really enjoy the rides and they seem so much easier.


Martin JørgensenMartin Jørgensen

~ Martin is passionate about cycling and about providing quality products and a blog with great cycling advice for his customers. His site, cyclingshop, is a Danish webshop selling clothes and accessories for cycling enthusiasts. 

As a passionate cyclist, the benefits of cycling seems quite obvious to me. However, for many others, it might not make sense why so many MAMILs (Middle-Aged Men In Lycra) invade the roads these years. Here are a few reasons why you should consider joining them:

1) Cycling is one of the top 5 sports when it comes to aerobic training. That means you can eat (almost) what you want and still drop weight. Even at a moderate intensity you will be able to burn about 600-800 calories per hour. Click To Tweet

2) Few injuries. Compared to sports like running, football, tennis etc. there is much less pressure on hips, knees, ankles and back and thus fewer injuries.

3) It’s an ideal way to enjoy nature and countryside. Even if you live in a city, on a bike you can easily get out of town and find some scenic cycling routes, which is not possible when running and which is much nicer than when you are in your car.


Mike MartynsMike Martyns  

~ Mike is a professional blogger that writes about sports. His love for the ‘beautiful game’ has taken him many times around the world and back. You can follow his work on his blog Soccer Gear HQ.

Cycling has huge health benefits, especially for people recovering from sports injuries. Say you are a soccer player recovering from a knee surgery, for example.

Riding a bike is much better than running for your recovery. Click To Tweet

While you tone and build up your muscles again after a long period without almost any movement, it's an awesome low-impact kind of exercise for you.

It gets you back in shape without pounding your joints and it will strengthen your knees at the same time.


Jason MitchellJason Mitchell

~ Jason is chief editor and owner of where he features great content on backcountry skiing, mountain biking, and outdoor sports from a handful of contributors.

Cycling is a great way to be active and we all know that most of us need to be more active. Cycling is also a low-impact activity that anyone — including those who are overweight or have joint problems — can enjoy.

The feeling of riding free on two wheels rekindles the feeling you had as a kid with the wind in your face and not a care in the world.

The obvious physical health benefits are easy to recognize, but let’s not forget about the mental benefits as well.

Cycling allows you to decompress, unwind and refresh your senses. Click To Tweet I truly believe it keeps me young, energetic and mentally sharp.

The bottom line… riding bikes makes me feel like a kid again. Don’t we all want to feel that way?


Stephen FabesStephen Fabes 

~ Stephen is a British medical doctor, writer, speaker, photographer and adventure cyclist.



If you're thinking of travelling: try packing up your panniers and doing it by bicycle. Click To Tweet

It’s slow, it brings you closer to people and it offers a backstage view of the world.


Michael MayfairMichael Mayfair

~ Michael is a fitness instructor and blogger from London living in New York. He writes about many topics but his favorite ones revolve around healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness.

Cycling is a great sport for several reasons.

It’s good for your mental health, it helps with your coordination, it builds your lower-half muscles (think about your thighs and rear end), it improves your weight loss, it speeds up your metabolism, it’s perfect to keep you active and it even increases your longevity.

As a fitness instructor myself, I recommend cycling to my students. Click To Tweet

It’s one of the best, most fun and healthy kind of sports you can pick.


Kris BickellKris Bickell

~ Kris writes on his blog about sport, educating his readers to live a healthier lifestyle. 

The single best way to get someone excited about cycling is to make them feel comfortable. As kids, most of us loved to hop on our bikes and ride around the neighborhood. But as adults, it’s a little different feeling.

While you never forget how to ride a bike (that’s why people say “it’s like riding a bike” when describing a task we haven’t done in a while) as grown-ups we need to feel confident that the bike ride will go well… or we probably won’t keep doing it.

So, to get someone started with cycling, here are 2 simple tips to help make it an enjoyable experience.

First, they need to be comfortable on the bike. Click To Tweet A bike that is too big (or too small) is definitely no fun and doesn’t make a rider feel confident. So proper sizing is really important.

Second, they need to be comfortable with their surroundings – therefore, it’s best to start on a quiet side road without much traffic. Or on a paved bike path, which can be found in many communities.

A busy road with lots of traffic is definitely NOT the way to get someone excited about biking. If the bike fits and you start on a quiet road, you’re much more likely to get a non-cyclist excited about the entire cycling experience!


Nancy Sathre-VogelNancy Sathre-Vogel

~ Nancy left her teaching career behind to travel the world on a bicycle. The Vogel family cycled 27,000 miles throughout the Americas, including a jaunt from Alaska to Argentina. 

It’s not about the bike.

The bike merely the means to an end - with the end being seeing the world and meeting other people. Click To Tweet

There’s no better way to do that than on two wheels.



~ Lyn is the founder of Free Wheeling France, an independent website offering advice and support on all aspects of cycling in France for fun.


Cycling doesn't have to be complicated. Click To Tweet

At the end of the day, it’s just riding a bike – anyone can do it.

Keep it simple and you can’t go wrong.


Thank you so much to all the bloggers that contributed to my expert roundup!

What I learned from this post is this: cycling it’s fun, it helps improve you improve your health and you can do it like a family activity.

Now I have a challenge for you: share this post and tag at least one friend and invite him or her to go for a ride with you and get excited about cycling.

Let me know in the comments below how was your ride.


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