Hey there. I know you want to get started with cycling. I know you want to improve your health and achieve your goals. I know you want to change your life.


Here is your chance. Starting this week. For the next seven days. Your Challenge is to ride for a total of 2 hours over the entire week. You can do it all over the weekend, one 120 minute ride. But if you really want to make cycling part of your lifestyle, why not ride for just 20 minutes a day? Or more!


I’m giving you permission to start today. Comment below and let me know how you do.


James C. Hodgson, Jr from Nerd Fitness says, “Cycling has a magical ability to be whatever the rider wants it to be.” And that can be your first goal. To define what cycling means to you.


Lee Agur of I Love Bicycling says “If you only have a chance to get on a bike twice in one week for 30 minutes each… bike like you stole something.” Cycling at a higher intensity will deliver more results. Both calories for weight loss and cardiovascular conditioning.


And Bryan at Biking to Live says “I needed a plan. I talked about this in my New Years, New Goals post. Last year my riding, weight, and health suffered because I didn’t follow a plan.” He sought the advice of my friend Darryl to achieve his goals.

So what do you say? Are you with me? Let’s get out and ride bikes.