What is coaching and why would anyone ever need a coach?

That may be your first question as you begin to figure out exactly how I serve my clients.

Let me ask you this; aren’t you tired of underperforming in life? Is this all there is? Are things ever going to get any better?

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A great coach is someone who helps you identify exactly what you want, help you dismantle any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, and hold you accountable for taking action.

It’s a well-known secret amongst high achievers. They all have coaches and surround themselves with other high achievers. So they may perform at their best.

I get it.

You are not trying to become the next tech start-up billionaire or get drafted into the major leagues. You just want something better for you and your family.

And herein lies the problem. You don’t know what that “something better” is and you have no idea how to “get” it.

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A great coach can help you identify what’s most important to you. Your number one priority. And hold you accountable so you may execute on what’s most important to you.

Take a look around you. Olympic athletes have coaches so that they can reach the top of their game. Golfers have multiple coaches so they can perform at their best on the tour. High school athletes depend on coaches to get them into a good college program so they have a chance of turning pro.

Even your 8-year-old daughter has a coach to help her learn the skills she needs in order to perform on the soccer field. And what do you think is the goal of your daughter’s soccer coach? To ensure that she is safe and that she has fun.

Which brings me back to you. Are you seeking happiness? Are you seeking fulfillment? Wouldn’t it be great to clap your hands every morning and say, “Today is going to be a great day!” Instead, you are being jolted out of bed by some “emergency” work email. Or reaming through your feed and looking at what’s “going on” in the world (fake or real, it doesn’t matter). Or comparing yourself to what other people are doing or having.

Grab your favorite beverage and be prepared to receive from Joy and Gerald

This is where I help my clients. I work with bright and successful people who are problem drinkers and are otherwise underwhelmed with their lives. They know that they could be feeling so much more power, excitement, and fulfillment, yet are frustrated that they are not moving forward.

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What Do You Want?

I help my client identify what’s most important to them. What really lights them up. Rediscover what they most love to do.

I help them form a few good habits. Habits that support their priority. I help my clients move and get the exercise they need. This work requires a lot of energy.

I hold my clients accountable to the actions they must take so they can execute on that one priority.

So what’s the next step? How can you be sure coaching is right for you? How can you be sure I am the right coach for you?

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The time is now. The rest of your life begins right now. It’s time to get connected to your best self you can imagine.

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