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Holiday Riding

For many people, the holidays are a special time to create traditions and memories. There is nothing more important than savoring this time with family and friends. And living in Colorado gives me the opportunity to ride my bike every day of the year, almost. While you can expect 60 degree days throughout the winter,

Beginner’s Bicycle Ride to Jamestown

While I missed riding with my clients today, I got to cycle on one of my most iconic Boulder rides today, Jamestown.     Roundtrip was more than 45 miles. And I did not get there overnight. While the ride up Lefthand Canyon is relatively easy, there is always something that makes the ride that much more difficult. 

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My Practice

This  has been an incredible week. It started off really bad, a topic for another post. I came to two important realizations this week. I feel like I am finally contributing and helping others.I reached a personal goal of getting down to my ideal weight. This was my first realization of the week. Men my