bicycle saddle sore

I rode my bike today. Here’s how it ended…

I had an epic ride today. And I want to share it with everyone.

Most people think their ride starts when they get on the saddle and start pedaling. Mine started several days before. Let me explain.

You see, I have started using a calendar to map out my week. When I expect to be at work, when I am going to write for myself, when I am going to write for you. And when I make time to ride.

So I was expecting (with the same anticipation I had when I was 12 and I was going skiing for the weekend – limitless excitement!) to go on a group ride on Saturday. My weekend plans changed. And that was okay.

I got the kids up early, got them to their Sunday morning activity, and started to think about where I would ride. I drank some coffee and came home to gather my gear. Filled the water bottles and filled the tires with air.

Neva Road

Foothills in the distance under a cloudy Colorado sky.

Take the Blue Pill

I always dreamed that one day I would win the lottery. Millions of dollars in a cash prize just falling into my lap. All of my worries would wash away by cashing in that ticket.

No more bills. Fill my days with epic bike rides and great skiing while my nights would be filled with good food, wine, and great friends & family.

Of course I would be smart with my new found cash. I would not become one of those cautionary tales. Seek out a tax attorney, invest conservatively so I could live off the interest for the rest of my days. I’m sure that is what they all say.

Like that famous athlete who signs that big multi-year contract. They get to do what they love for millions of dollars. Their dedication and hard work paid in one lump sum. That is the dream. And don’t we all want to be living he dream?

Then why does that famous athlete loose all his money in bad investments and child support payments? And why do so many lottery winners end up filing for bankruptcy a few years after striking it rich?

Believing in myself

The frozen lake in contrast to a Sunny day

I’ll remind you of two sayings.

Thomas Tusser once said, “A fool and his money are soon parted.” That will not be me. I will do it differently. Most people never consider themselves to be fools.

P.T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” So we are all destined to be fools.

Even if luck graces us once, that is no guarantee it is here to stay. Fickle fate. What if you could create your own luck?