Finding Time To Cycle

A few days ago, I posted this video on YouTube in my #30DaySpeakingChallenge because so many people can’t find time to ride.

I know. Established guys like us have real jobs, families to support, and mortgages to pay. Our lives are busy and full.

This video shows you how little it takes to make time for your cycling and fitness plan. It all depends on your priorities.

“I can’t find time to ride” is one of the biggest complaints I hear from my subscribers. This is the biggest obstacle that prevents people from even getting started with a cycling program.

It will take too long to get started. I have to ride too long to get any benefit. It will take too long to see any results. You may not reach your final goal weight. And if you continue to hold self limiting beliefs, I can guarantee that your day will never come.

It does not take much to get started. All of my 30 day challenges are about creating a new habit. Changing one small part of your day can make a huge difference.

I started with 20 minutes a day. You can start with even less. What’s important is that you are consistent with your new habit. You can find even the smallest time to ride if only to create a new positive habit.

can't find time to ride

What’s your goal? What is one change you can make in your day? What direction do you want to go? Napoleon Hill said, whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. All you need to do is start. Let me help.

Tell me how you got started in the comments below. If you still can’t find a way to start, email me at and we can come up with a sustainable plan just for you.