I got to go for a ride today and decided to end it at the Boulder Bikes & Brews Festival. I dreamed of guiding a peloton of riders around my favorite route through North Boulder and Niwot. As the afternoon came upon me, I found I was once again riding alone. A blistering, hot, Colorado afternoon. Out on the open road with little to no shade nor cloud cover. Perfect conditions for heat exhaustion/heat stroke. So I packed up plenty of water, exercise hydration mix, portable rice cake, and a few Jelly Belly Sport Beans.
Haystack Mountain from US 36
On paper, this may look like a failure. No one left with me on my ride, my ride lasted less than 90 minutes, and I only got to spend 15 minutes at the Festival. But I had three big victories this afternoon.
The first success is that I went out on a ride and finished my ride with a cold, refreshing beer. I’m positive that is a job well done in anyone’s book. I traveled along one of my favorite routes, Neva Road, in North Boulder. Riding along Dakota Ridge, you turn on to Neva Road and see Haystack Mountain in the near distance. While the production facility has left many years ago, I still imagine stopping for delicious fresh goat cheese. I finished my ride at Valmont Park, and met up with one of my coworkers, Kristen. We talk of the impending success of the Brew Festival and she pours me a delicious and refreshing Howdy Beer. While my bicycle ride effort was short lasted, I deserve this 12 oz pour of an exceptional beer. Success number one.
Kristen enjoying a Howdy

In the tent adjacent to The Post Brewing Company is The Feed. I got the opportunity to meet and chat with Michael. I let him know that I am a manager at the Post and he invited me down to The Feed to pick up my order and chat about food. I am really excited about this connection. The Feed has a great company culture and understands that there are as many thoughts about nutrition and exercise as there are people. I would like for people to enjoy delicious food that just may happen to fuel their next ride. Many exercise bars and dietetic prescriptions look great on paper, but for us every day athletes who work 50 hours a week, take care of our families, and, oh yes, ride when we have a spare moment, there has got to be something that tastes better. The Feed get’s this. Success number two.
Michael from The Feed

While there was a lot of delicious food (Ohhh, pizza!) at the festival, one in particular caught my eye. The Zeal Food Truck was on hand serving delicious alternatives to quick service food. While Zeal caters to all that is Boulder (raw, vegan, paleo) they strike a balance with food that actually tastes good and a comprehensive cocktail menu. I know edamame is great for you, but sometimes all you need is a fish sandwich paired with a pilsner from Avery Brewing. Oh, or how about a Zeal Bloody Mary for “lunch”? It’s all about balance and what a wide variety of people will really eat. While I know I can punch my three day cleanse ticket at Zeal, and I know we can also get some striped bass and a beer. Delicious food for athletes done well.
Pulled Pork Sandwich

I’m excited about that this week will bring. Old relationships, new friendships, and work at a brewery that inspires a lot of people. Are you inspired to go out and ride? Are you inspired to make a delicious meal that fuels your ride and fuels your family? When in doubt, get out on your bike and figure it out.