While I missed riding with my clients today, I got to cycle on one of my most iconic Boulder rides today, Jamestown. 

Roundtrip was more than 45 miles. And I did not get there overnight. While the ride up Lefthand Canyon is relatively easy, there is always something that makes the ride that much more difficult. 
I treated myself and stopped for espresso at Amante North Broadway. While I am always pushing myself and on the clock, I stopped to frame a few photos for Instagram. The ride out US Rt 36 is a gentle one. A few swells, but nothing of note before the climb. 

My legs felt fresh, my saddle felt good. Nothing to stop me. Until I felt that headwind. And that is when it turned into a battle between me and the mountain.

Suffice it to say, that I started my fitness transformation back in 2011. It was not until that summer when I was able to tackle that climb again. I lost more than 30 pounds and gained back a whole lot of confidence.

Now that it is late 2015, the weight is still gone and I am on track to getting back down to my high school weight. Yes, it is difficult. Yes, I am hungry, thank you very much. Yes, I miss drinking every night (and is that how I want to be spending every night?) And what I have found is you.

I know I am here to help you and others like you. Whether you are getting back into cycling, or you are jumping in for the first time, I want to assist you on your journey.

For so may years, I thought of myself as a cyclist, and I never even got out and rode my bikes. Now I am in action. I’ve been on my bike for the past 56 days in a row. Managed to keep off those 30 pounds of gluttony. And trending down to my high school weight. 

Does it take effort, Yes! Do I still enjoy food, hell yes! Do I still have a bourbon every now and again, yes please. Am I still hungry, hell yes! What I have done is not without it’s sacrifices. It is difficult  It takes commitment and personal responsibility. You will feel hungry, you will feel excited. You will be overwhelmed. You will feel high on exercise. You will get exhausted waking up at 5:00AM to ride. No joke, if I can do it, anybody can do it.

Let me ask you this. Do you want to lead a healthy active cycling lifestyle? Do you want to have more energy for your spouse and your family? Do you want to take care of yourself so you can take care of others? Do you want to attain a goal? Let me lead you on this journey and I will help you achiever your (not my) goals for fitness and health through cycling.

My next post I’ll be posting about the three easy steps to get started with cycling. This way, you will begin to see similar results as me. Join me on your journey. Let’s go ride bikes.